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#001 Why 2022 Is a Good Time to Become a Landlord

Have you ever considered becoming a landlord? If so, now could be the perfect time! Investing in property can be a great way to make the most of any money you have to invest. Typically, it’s best if you’re prepared to invest over a long period of time for a better ROI. So, why is right now a great time to get into property? Here’s why:

High numbers of tenants

There are currently a high number of tenants. Recent data showed that the number of prospective tenants is at an all-time high and looks to continue to increase in 2022.

Not enough properties

If 2022 is the year for renting, it’s also the year to become a landlord! With the increase of people wanting to rent, comes a demand for more properties.

Limited negotiating

Tenants will often negotiate over rent, this is almost to be expected. Perhaps because of the lack of available properties at the moment, the number of tenants trying to negotiate has reduced drastically. This is likely to be because they would rather secure the property than worry about getting a lower price.

Contrary to opinion

Between 2020 and 2021, the numbers of landlord possession claims have fallen. This suggests that tenants and landlords have invested in a collaborative approach to the challenges of the pandemic. This bodes well for the future of those relationships and the industry.

If you’re not sure how to become a landlord and want to know how to maximise your yield, get in touch with Charles Bartlett at Douglas and Simmons on:

Remember, using a good letting agent will reduce stress and save you time and money. Especially if your rental property is not near where you live as we will carry out regular property inspections for you.

Using Douglas and Simmons will mean:

1. Efficient rent collection
2. Your legal requirements are taken care of
3. The most suitable tenants will be found for your property
4. A professional inventory will be carried out
5. A regular property inspection will be carried out
6. Repairs needed will be efficiently dealt with
7. Save you time and stress of managing the let property


#002 How to get mortgage ready in 2022

It’s safe to say that last year was yet another rollercoaster year and who knows what 2022 will bring? That said, we’re in the first week of January and all about setting those all-important goals. So, if you’re goal this year is to buy a new home this year, we are here to help, with our 5 top tips to help you get mortgage ready in 2022.

Take note of our top tips below, and they just might help you in cementing your way towards your 2022 mortgage:

1 – Get to grips with your income

Understandably, lenders are asking a lot of questions about personal income at the moment. So, it’s imperative that you fully understand what can and cannot be used towards your mortgage application. It’s important to consider things such as bonuses, car allowance, overtime and commission payments. The key is to ensure that you fit any potential lenders criteria.

2 – Check your credit report

This is really important! Your credit report is a summary of your borrowing history and habits. It's something all mortgage lenders will take into account when deciding if you're a viable borrowing candidate or not. Understand and review your report thoroughly and regularly, and make sure there are no red flags, like unpaid debts in your name. If there are, it pays to work on resolving those matters before moving forward with a mortgage application.

Similarly, you'll want to make sure your credit report doesn't contain errors (like debts you've since settled up) that could go against you. If you find them, you'll want to correct them before applying for a mortgage.

3 - Save for a deposit

If you are planning to by a property with a deposit of 10% or less, you may find that the choice of lenders is limited. This is purely because the lender is taking a greater risk by lending to you, so, where possible, save a much as you possibly can, as the bigger the deposit the better. The more you can save up to put down as a deposit, the bigger the choice of mortgages that will be available to you. Lenders reserve their best rates for those with hefty deposits, so you’ll also benefit from lower monthly payments because you’ll have qualified for a better deal.

4 - Try to avoid new debt in the run up to applying for a mortgage

Try not to max out your credit card or use your entire overdraft, as lenders may think you’re in financial difficulty.

Equally, applying for credit too often can lower your score, as each application is marked even if you’re not approved.

This is called a hard search as lenders can see your application, so try to only apply for credit you’re eligible for (something you can check on

5 - Check you are on the electoral roll

Check you are on the electoral roll at your current home address. You should receive voter’s slips every time there is an election, but if you’re not sure give the council a ring to get this sorted. It can take up to 12 weeks for this to show up on your credit report, so get this sorted ASAP. This may seem like a small thing, but it can affect the credit check part of a mortgage application if they cannot find you at your address. 

6 - Get your paperwork ready

Although this might sound really boring, getting organised will speed up the process and ensure the process goes more smoothly when you start talking to mortgage lenders or brokers. You will need ID and proof of address so ensure your passport and driving licence are correct and in date. Lenders will also want to see evidence of your income and proof of financial readiness so you will also need a combination of your P60, two to three months of bank statements, payslips or two to three years of company accounts or SA302s.

We hope you found these tips useful, and if we can help you in your search for a new home in 2022, we’d love to have a chat. We also have a buyer’s guide (link below), with more helpful and useful information: Buyers Guide (

From all at Douglas and Simmons, we wish you a happy new year, and hope 2022 brings you good health and happiness (and if you’re reading this article, hopefully a new home).


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