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Community News and Events taking place at Douglas & Simmons 

We are pleased to be supporting this event from The Ray Collins Charitable Trust for another year!

Sunday 10th June 11am - 7pm

Come along for a day of fun and entertainment for a great cause! 


Dickensian Evening - Friday 1st December

Have you heard about the Dickensian Evening happening on Friday 1st December?

If you are new to the area or just looking to get into the festive spirit, it is the place to be! As part of the celebration, we would like to invite you to our offices in market square from 4pm to 8pm to enjoy a traditional drink and tasty morsel! Come along for a night to celebrate the best of Wantage!



Standford in the Vale Primary School Fete - Saturday 15th July 2-5pm

We are pleased to be supporting the local Stanford in the Vale Primary School Fete this weekend! We are happy to be donating a hamper designed by Guy Simmons mum that we will share a picture of on the day! Come along from 2 - 5pm this Saturday to enjoy all the fun at the Fete!

Here are a few of the wonderful posters for the event created by children from the school.



Poppy the Cat 

This is Poppy, who currently lives at the beautiful picture book Craven Farm Cottage in Uffington, which is for sale at a guide price of £450,000. A delightful home to Poppy, who is currently looking for somewhere new and local to live. If you would like to see her, and her home, please call Douglas and Simmons to arrange an appointment on 01235 766222.




Staff Spotlight

Mark Rowe

We have another member of the team to introduce you to today. We are introducing you to a different member of our team to let you know what they get up to when they aren't in the office!  This Month we would like to introduce Mark.

Mark is our Senior Viewings Coordinator, within our Residential Sales office. Having worked for D&S for over 6 years, and previously for The Environment Agency, Mark brings a wealth of experience and common sense in his approach to showing a property to prospective purchasers. Mark moved from Essex over 30 years ago to the area and is an avid participant of the Wantage Tennis Club and a keen observer of local planning and community plans. With a passion for live music, Mark spends time travelling in and around the area to gigs. With children and grandchildren locally, Mark and his wife are keen walkers and enjoy the wonderful trails that are on our doorstep. 


Guy Simmons 

We are introducing you to a different member of our team to let you know what they get up to when they aren't in the office! This Month we would like to introduce Guy, a Partner and Valuer at D&S.

"I have lived locally, in and around the Wantage area all of my life. My parents built our family home in East Hendred, where my Brother and I were born. This I suppose certainly led to my interest in property and taking on property renovations.

Currently I live in Wantage with my wife Diane and our two sons, in our most recent house purchase - a Victorian period property in walking distance to the town. This keeps me busy outside of work in the garden, original fireplace restorations and building wardrobes - all part of a long-term plan to restore the property to its former glory, which we'lI really enjoy. I am a person that has to have something on the go all the time - A busy work day ends around 7pm then home to take on the next bit of the project! The latest bit has seen us move 17 railway sleepers to form the boundary of our new garden, as we look forward to finding some time to put our feet up and enjoy the garden this Summer.

My own career journey has been less conventional to some agents, having trained at Oxford College to do Hairdressing, I started working in several London Salons, before opening my own Salon at 21 years of age at UKAEA Harwell. Strangely I see great similarities between the ethos of running a hairdressing salon, to that of running an Estate Agency. People need to trust you, whether with their largest asset, selling their home, or as most Ladies would tell you, their most important asset their hair! 

I have worked in the property industry now for nearly 15 years and I really enjoy matching people to homes and getting people moved. I spend time understanding each client's needs - this is where I feel the real skill of a good agent is demonstrated. I use my days of listening to my clients in my chair, to help my new clients find their new home or achieve the very best price from their property sale.

Having moved over 16 times ourselves, I'm sure Diane my wife would agree that we certainly feel well placed to advise buyers and sellers on how to get through this often stressful process.

Outside of work and house projects, I love to travel - with weekend breaks when possible, we recently flew to Madrid, where I combined watching an Athletico Madrid football match, with enjoying the local food and drink, and the amazing weather.... doesn't get much better really!!"




Shona Endicott

We would like to introduce you to a different member of our team to let you know what they get up to when they aren't in the office! This Month we would like to introduce Shona our Lettings and Investment Director.

"Alongside my full time role over the years I have been a keen traveller – whether it being exploring Rio Janerio and spending time on Ile Grande, visiting both the East and West coasts of America, travelling through Europe with a rucksack via trains staying in hostels( yes never managed to do this as a student!) and feel in love with Ljubljana, Slovenia . My latest adventure took me back to Kenya where I was born, and I was lucky to spend time Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Niarobi, Dianni and live with a maasai tribe in Merrueshi village.

Over the last 10 years my interest in spirituality has increased starting with crystal healing and progressing to being a trained reflexologist and Reiki master. I am currently learning about animals self-healing through essence oils and herbs, working predominately with dogs and horses.
So as you can see not all agents are the same!"


Elephant Diaries 

Read all about our recent adoption of an Elephant in Kenya. 

Malkia develops a personality

We have a wonderful new update about our adopted elephant. Malkia is doing great in the orphanage and continues to be a doting mother figure to the younger elephants and particularly the new baby arrivals in the orphanage and seems to be fighting over the younger ones for attention.

"Malkia and Esampu were fighting over Mactau’s attention and each one wanted to be closer to him."

It is great to see her doing so well and developing a personality.


Malkia learns to hold a bottle 

Today we have an update about our orphan elephant Malkia.

This month Malika has developed the ability to hold the bottle and feed herself and Mteto, one of the other orphan elephants kept fighting to try and snatch the bottle from her. Malkia was going in circles to avoid her but she never gave up, even when the keepers tried to intervene. It took Malkia to drop her empty milk bottle and physically push her away so she could enjoy her second milk bottle in peace.

We are really pleased to hear she is doing well and learning lots of new skills along the way! 

Malkia spends time with the new babies 

Today we would like to share a new update about our lovely orphan elephant Malika. New young babies that have arrived at the orphanage seem to have caught her attention.

"The young babies are happy spending their time in the company of the older orphans who are all too happy to have the young babies with them. It is nice but also funny to watch the young females like Godoma, Malkia, Esampu, Sana Sana and tiny Tamiyoi all struggling to baby sit the little ones.

We watched on as Godoma seemed to show all the females how to mother the babies and where to stand to protect them. One of the babies, Musiara, does not mind being mollycoddled by the older females and the way they pat him all over, but the other baby does not like it as much and sometimes moves away to stand near the keeper."

Malkia gives keepers the run around 

This week we have a new update about our little orphan elephant Malkia who seems to be doing very well, keeping the keepers on their toes! 

Malkia and her little friend Esampu have become extremely greedy and vociferous at meal times, with every feeding time accompanied by noise and barging! Despite being so small they can be extremely disruptive giving the Keepers quite the run around. We are happy to report that Malkia has assimilated into Nursery life seamlessly and appears extremely happy and content amongst the other orphans and her now much loved human family.

Here is a beautiful watercolour of Malkia we have received from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!

Malkia settles into nursery life 

Today we wanted to share more information about our adopted elephant MALKIA which means ‘queen’ in Swahili, in deference to her lost mother.

Malkia has been thriving in the nursery since being rescued, aided by her forceful nature. She is a very determined and mischievous little girl, whose presence here has certainly been felt. Despite being so young when rescued, and under such sad circumstances, she has settled fast; loving and affectionate to her Keepers from the outset. We are pleased she is doing well and will keep you updated on her progress and her recovery before she is released back into the wild.  









Sponsoring an elephant from Kenya  

We have traditionally sponsored numerous local causes and more recently Shona our Lettings and Investment Director has embarked on a new venture to spread this charitable aspect of our business.

During a visit to Kenya along with visiting game parks, she visited the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage which was inspiring. The David Sheldrick National Wildlife Trust is an orphan-elephant rescue organisation, devoted to conserving East Africa’s wildlife and habitats. After hearing all about the orphanage and the great work they do, we decided to adopt one of the elephants! We hope to receive updates about the Elephant and will share pictures and news with you!  


Facebook Competition Terms & Conditions 

This competition is run by Douglas and Simmons in Wantage Oxfordshire and is not endorsed by Cineword, Prezzo or Facebook. 

The competition will run until 24th May

The competition is not open to Douglas & Simmons employees. 

Entrants must like the competition post and the Douglas & Simmons Facebook page to enter.

The Winner will be picked at random and announced on Facebook. 

Entrants must be 18 or over. 

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Lettings Team at Douglas and Simmons. When I needed to rent a property at very short notice they found a lovely house almost immediately and I was able to move in within two weeks. When the inevitable teething problems crept in, they were always on hand to resolve them, even coming round to the property to check everything was ok. I’ve always found each of them to be friendly, approachable, efficient and very competent and I would have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them to anybody thinking of renting in the area."
Vince S