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Property Maintenance

Before reporting a maintenance issue at your property, please review our FAQs and factsheets.

Condensation Factsheet 

Legionnaires Disease Factsheet

Our staff have extensive knowledge of property maintenance, and the vast majority of issues can usually be solved with quick everyday maintenance.

If the below guides do not solve your maintenance issues, please register and report your issue directly with us. Please provide us with as much detail as possible, and if required your dedicated property manager will be able to organise for a contractor to visit your property.

White Goods

Washing machine not draining properly?

Check soap dispenser and filter to remove blockage; don’t fill the drum full, please evenly distribute the weight of the washing load. Refer to user manual in your welcome pack if provided or on line. Check the filter before calling us to call out a contractor, as there may be a charge back to you for a simple blocked filter.

Oven not working?

Set clock/time and check switch on wall is on. Check mains consumer box, to ensure trip switch is not down.

Dishwasher not cleaning crockery?

Ensure salt and rinse aid is topped up; clean the blades and remove any blockages from the filter. Use cleaning fluid regularly as advised by the product manufacturers. Check the filter before calling us to call out a contractor, as there may be a charge back to you for a simple blocked filter.

Fridge Freezers not keeping food items cold/frozen?

Check temperature dial is set to an appropriate level. Move food items away from the back of the fridge, this will allow the temperature to circulate more freely. Freezers need to be defrosted regularly to maintain the correct temperature.

Dryers (inc washer/dryers) – not drying clothes?

Do not over fill with washing; Suggest putting only ½ a load each time. Clean the filter within the machine. Also, if self-condensing, empty water tank regularly.

Heating and Radiators

Radiators not warming up?

Air may be blocked in the system. You will need to use a radiator key (if not in welcome pack, can be purchased from supermarket or hardware store). The lock to the top side of the radiator can be turned gently to release the air, as soon as water comes out you need to close the lock.


The lights are not working?

If it’s one light, check the bulb and replace if required. Turn off at the wall switch before changing the bulb.  If it is several lights that are not working, check the fuse box as something may have tripped the power off. If one of the switches is down, switch it back up. If the switch will not reset, please call as this may need further investigation. 

Appliance tripping the electrics?

Before going to the fuse box, first unplug all items that have a plug, everything including TVs, lamps, fridges and before resetting the fuse box. Plugin and turn items back on one and a time to determine which appliance is causing the problem.  If the item that is causing the shortage belongs to the property (on the inventory) please log the maintenance with the office. If the item belongs to you personally, you will need to replace this item separately.

Condensation and Damp

Inside of the windows are wet– especially in the morning

This is caused by the inside of the property being warmer than outside, therefore you need to moderate the level of heating in your property. Windows must be wiped down daily especially in the winter months when you have the heating on and its cold outside. Too much build-up of moisture in the property will cause mold spores to form on the walls, ceilings and around windows. It is your responsibility to ventilate the room/s when you are showering/bathing or if drying clothes on airers or radiators. Affected areas can be wiped down regularly using a sponge and diluted bleach, very carefully. 

Smoke Alarms

My smoke alarm is beeping?

Your battery is running low and needs replacing, or there is dust present in the alarm.  Therefore change the battery and hoover the alarm clear of dust.


Rats, mice, bees, wasps, ants, bed bugs…. Your tenancy agreement states “To take all reasonable precautions to prevent infestations”

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Lettings Team at Douglas and Simmons. When I needed to rent a property at very short notice they found a lovely house almost immediately and I was able to move in within two weeks. When the inevitable teething problems crept in, they were always on hand to resolve them, even coming round to the property to check everything was ok. I’ve always found each of them to be friendly, approachable, efficient and very competent and I would have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them to anybody thinking of renting in the area."
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